Innovative Quality Certification Pvt. Ltd.
an INDIAN third party Certification and Training agency, was formed in 2014 with customer services and value in mind to cater to the certification and training needs of companies of all sizes, across a wide range of industry such as Agriculture, various Government organization, Electrical & Electronics, Chemical, Mechanical etc. and service sectors. IQCPL has its Registered Office in Magarpatta city, Hadapsar, Pune.

Personnel at IQCPL have had an extensive and varied experience as auditors (including with other certification bodies), Auditees (the customers) and trainers thus injecting a unique sense of value and service. All assessments and trainings are undertaken with the customer processes being paramount, not just following standard requirements. IQCPL ensures that all the auditors are impeccably qualified, properly trained and have the necessary expertise to understand business processes. Our aims have been embodied into our Mission statement and our Quality policy.

Impartiality Policy :-IQCPL top Management has the commitment to Impartiality in Management System Certification Activities. IQCPL understand the importance of Impartiality in carrying out its Management System Certification Activities, Manage Conflict of Interest and ensure the objective of Its Management System certification Activities.