Innovative Quality Certification Pvt. Ltd. The policy of IQCPL is to achieve the overall aim of quality certification in order to give confidence to all parties concerned and by ensuring that the management system fulfills specified requirements. IQCPL will uphold the value of certification to the highest degree of public confidence and trust that is established by an impartial and competent assessment carried out by embracing the principles as defined in the International Standard IS/ISO/IEC ISO 17021-1:2015.


Quality Objectives INNOVATIVE QUALITY CERTIFICATION PVT.LTD. will strive to achieve and maintain its Quality Policy through:

  • Defining, maintaining and upgrading the competence of its personnel and committees as per the requirements of management system standard.
  • Being solely responsible for its decisions related to certification and holding authority for the same.
  • Ensuring IQCPL’s certification decisions are based on objective evidence of conformity/nonconformity collected by it and the same are not influenced by external parties or other related bodies.
  • Providing public access to appropriate and timely information about its audit and certification processes.
  • Keeping confidential any proprietary information about its clients.
  • Establishing processes to address complaints/appeals appropriately.
  • Establishing relevant documented policies and procedures to identify and analyze the possibilities of any conflict of interests arising from the provision of certification, including any conflicts arising from its relationships.