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Quality Policy

Innovative Quality Certification

The policy of IQCPL Pvt. Ltd. is to achieve the overall aim of quality certification in order to give confidence to all parties concerned and by ensuring that the management system fulfills specified requirements. IQCPL will uphold the value of certification to the highest degree of public confidence and trust by establishing an impartial and competent assessment carried out by embracing the principles as clearly defined in the International Standard IS/ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015. 17021-3:2017- Conformity assessment — Competence requirements for audit and certification of certification of quality management systems, ISO 17021-2:2012 – Competency requirements for auditing and certification of EMS & ISO 17021-10-2018 Competence requirements for audit and certification of OHSMS

IQCPL will strive to achieve and maintain its Quality Policy through

  • Training as per training plan
  • Business Growth in terms of sale revenue.
  • Addition of new Certification Schemes
  • Addition of NACE Code / Sector.
  • Response within 3 working days to customer complaint / appeal.

Our clients

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